Hardened & Secured Linux

It is a Security-Centric Linux and includes a kernel hardened with many features.

Privacy Linux

Designed for protecting data against attacks
and aims at preserving privacy

Anonymized Linux

Provides an anonymous environment and
includes Anonymized features and tools.

Ethical Hacking &
Penetration Testing

Designing for information security training
Contains over 1500 tools.

WHAT is Predator-OS?

The OS that naturally preys on others

It is maintained and Established in 2021, by Hossein Seilany who is also the developer of Emperor-os Linux too. Predator-OS is a free open-source community project, Free (as in freedom). The distro is for penetration testing and ethical hacking and also privacy, hardened, secure, anonymized Linux. Predator Linux is based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Mini, kernel 5.10 LTS, and using a fully customized xfce4 lightweight desktop with a special menu of tools. Predator Linux has around 1300 pre-installed tools which are split into 40 several categories. Predator Tools are imported from both Debian and Ubuntu repositories and GitHub page. Most kernel and user configs are customized by default to prevent any hacking, non-privileged access and reduce the attack surface. many built-in firewalls and defensive tools allow end-users to control the Predator-OS. Predator also supports much privacy, anonymized, security tools, and also both it to be run as Live-CD or from a USB Drive and installation mode.

OS Type: Linux
Based on: ubuntu Mini 20.04 LTS
Kernel : 5.10 LTS
Origin: Emperor-os.com Team
Architecture: armhf, i686, powerpc, ppc64el, s390x, x86_64
Default Desktop: Xfce
Other Desktop: coming soon : KDE plasma, mate
Category: penetration testing,security, privacy, Forensics, Live Medium, hardened,anonymized
Predator Linux requires:
• A minimum of 26 GB hard disk space for installation.
• A minimum of 2GB RAM for i386 and AMD64 architectures.
• A bootable CD-DVD drive or a USB stick.
• A minimum of an Intel Core i3 or an AMD E1 processor
for good performance. The recommended hardware specification for a smooth experience is:
• 26 GB of hard disk space, SSD preferred
• At least 2048 MB of RAM

Predator-OS Linux Introduction

I demonstrates how to use Predator-OS easily and quickly.This short video is going to spend some time and attention on the different options that you need to know when it is time to get started with all modes in the predator-OS.

Download 2k quality here: 2560x1440 size:155MB Download